AML Policy

Anti Money Laundering Policy

“Fix Bot is one of the companies that take the issue of combating illegal money laundering (AML) and terrorist financing very seriously. In this regard, we provide a full range of measures aimed at detecting and combating money laundering and terrorist financing. All company actions and rules are carefully observed in accordance with international requirements on this aspect.

verification of customer identity
detailed reporting for all transactions
reporting suspicious transactions to the relevant authorities

Anti-money laundering procedures carried out by Fix Bot

Money laundering refers to the act of converting money or other monetary instruments derived from illegal activities into money or investments that appear legitimate so that their illicit source cannot be traced.
The Fix Bot team fully supports international organizations fighting against money laundering and terrorist threats worldwide. This is why our experts verify our customers” personal information, as well as monitor all transactions and keep detailed records of all transactions.
In order to avoid misunderstandings in the future, we inform our clients to provide them with proof of identity. 1. One is an identity document, issued by the state authorities, with a picture of the customer on it. The second is an invoice with the customer”s full name and actual address on it, which is no more than 3 months old.
Important! We reserve the right to refuse a transaction at any stage, if we suspect that the transaction is related to money laundering or criminal activity.

How we protect

Оur task is to carefully monitor suspicious activities and promptly report these activities to the appropriate authorities






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