Deposit & Withdrawal

Deposit and withdrawal conditions by "Fix Bot"

Deposit and withdraw funds any way you like – from electronic payment systems to bank card transfers. We provide fast processing of requests, which you can track through your account. Withdrawal requests are processed 24 hours a day.


Enrollment of funds

Company bank account details are only available to registered users. When making a bank transfer, you need to use a bank account registered in your name, which must exactly match the name on your trading account. Payment based on your currency will be credited to your trading account, at the exchange rate in effect at the time of receipt of funds.


Withdrawal of funds

You can withdraw funds from your trading account only to a bank account registered in your name. Withdrawal of funds is carried out according to your personal request. The term for crediting funds to your bank account is 2-10 business days.


Credit / debit cards

If you deposit or withdraw 1000 USD or more, or use VISA or MasterCard, you will need to verify your identity. Please note that the funds are withdrawn to the same card from which they were credited, in the currency in which the deposit was originally made.


third party involvement

Please note that deposits and withdrawals from third parties are prohibited. In accordance with our policy, all customers are required to deposit funds from bank accounts / cards / electronic currency accounts that are registered in their name. All losses related to transfers from third parties will be charged to the client.

Methods of deposit and withdrawal

Electronic systems

Bank cards

Internet banking

Withdrawal 24/7

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