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investment training

Learn from professional traders. Receive industry-standard information and practices through courses designed and conducted by professional traders.

Valuable papers portfolio management

Our company offers portfolio management services for individual and corporate investors. After setting clear goals, we can develop an individual strategy to meet the goals and expectations of our Clients.

Execution of orders on behalf of clients

The company provides clients with services for receiving and transmitting orders of the highest quality. Fix Bot takes all security measures to ensure the vulnerability of clients' interests and eliminate conflicts of interest.

Working with your personal account

We provide personal advice to Clients, upon their request or on our initiative, in relation to one or more transactions related to financial instruments.

Acceptance and transmission of orders in relation to one several financial instruments

Fix Bot looks for the best conditions when performing a transaction on behalf of a client, taking into account the possibilities of price, cost, speed, probability of execution and races, as well as size, nature and other factors affecting the execution of orders.

Investment advices

Our advisory services help Clients make the right investment decisions for their financial goals.

Additional Services


Storage and management of financial instruments in accounts, including custody and related services such as management of funds in client accounts


Providing an investor with loans or borrowings that enable transactions with one or other financial instruments


Foreign exchange transactions related to the provision of investment services


Investment research and financial analysis or other forms of general advice in relation to transactions in financial instruments


Learn and practice with us

Why is it better to learn to trade in the stock market under the supervision of professionals, rather than learn on your own?

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